"Where do scientists work?" , this question is quite ridiculous because obviously, scientists work in the lab. But not all scientists work in the lab, some scientists work outside the earth and went to the moon. Astronauts are also scientists you know, they observe and research new things there.

I'm not too creative, but i enjoy making poster with my friends. We're quite cooperative, even though we are quite slow in doing this poster. I like how the result came up despite our slow progress in doing the poster.  :3 

Recycle, Recycle, and Recycle!
(Science Project)

Recycling is hard, but it’s also fun at the same time. In this second semester, our teacher asked us to make a useable recycled product out of different types of material. Before we began making our product, we studied the types of material such as, metal plastic, glass, ceramics, and fibers. After thinking, i decided to make a hanging ashtray.

Our goal in this project is to m­­ake a product that is practical or useable from waste that is connected from the types of material. For ceramics, i bought an ashtray, because my father doesn’t have any old ceramics ashtray. For the glass, i thought that maybe marbles should fit, marbles are small, and they’re quite pretty, in my opinion. Metal, i used my father’s old wire from the warehouse. Fabric, i thought that i could cover the ashtray with origami s, so the  appearance will be quite colorful. And last, for plastic, i used silicon glue, so the wire and the origami could stick with the ashtray.

I had some difficulties while making the ashtray, first, before i use marbles for my ashtray, i have no idea what glass material i could use, there’s no way i deliberately throw my mother’s glass plate, she’ll get angry if did it! The next difficulties i face is, the wire and the marbles won’t stick with the ashtray, but then, i thought  of an idea to use a tape to stick the marbles and the wire, just in case. And then, i’m a little pessimist that the result will be equal with my expectation, because i’m not good with things that is connected with creativity. And the last difficulties, i haven’t finish my complete my product, because my homeworks are piling!

I also showed some attitudes while doing the product, for example, tolerance. When we’re doing our products in class, i didn’t chat things that isn’t connected to the product with my friends, because i knew that it could break their concentration. Cooperation is also one of the attitude i applied, i help my friend’s product, and my friend also help me with my product.
The things i learned from this product making is, Recycling is one of the important things to do, without recycling, our world will be full of garbage and litter. Also, don’t be too pessimist with your weakness, overcome your weakness with optimism, and i know you could do things you can’t!  

PS: I'll upload more pictures after i finish my product! :) 

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