Rotor Blade Cap
Information: This cap is made from Rotor Blade, cap, and a kinetic sensor. This Rotor Blade Cap is 
                  invented by Prof. Dr. Surya, Prof. Raihan, Prof. Dr. Ivan, and Dr. Yu Chan. To use it, first
                  put on the cap, then, shake your head and the cap will automatically turn on. To turn
                  it off, hold the kinetic sensor for 3 second, don't worry, if your still flying, the cap will
                  automatically land you softly and slowly while holding the cap. 
Uses: This cap can fly at the maximum speed of 120Km/hour, also, this cap could fly with maximum
         height of 200m . 

Advantage: This cap has a kinetic sensor, so it doesn't need battery to fly. The other advantage is,
                 this cap could help you travel far distance without using an airplane.

Disadvantage: Takes more time to practice our balance,  and it's quite expensive.

World of Homes 
This semester, our ESL teacher asked us to make a PowerPoint presentation about Homes around the world. My group's PowerPoint title is " World Of Homes ". We took 5 different types of home around the world as an example. The different types of home are Rumah Gadang from Indonesia, Mitteldeutsches house from German, Kusakabe house from Japan, Hanok house from Korea, and Palapas house from Mexico.


Reflection: Well, i think that i have done quite well in when presenting the presentation. I also think
 the contenst in our PowerPoint are well made. We had some difficulties, for example, we don't know  what kind of houses are we going to explain, we search information in Google about different types of houses around the world, and then, we found these houses. I'm happy with the results and i think i did well.

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  2. You displayed good confidence and gave clear explanation of your invention.
    Do not forget to reflect on your activity.

  3. Your presentation about the different homes was very interesting and you also asked a lot of questions to other groups.


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