1. Differentiating Various Communication Devices

There are two types of communication devices,  the old communication devices and  the modern communication devices. The different is, the  old communication  devices is more complicated and takes longer time, and not all people could use it. The modern communication devices is a lot more easier to use and takes short time, and almost all people could use it.

 Here are some old communication devices:

-Telegraph: Telegraph is a long distance communication device that transmits messages without physical touch. This communication device has existed in Europe in 1792.  Samuel F. B. Morse conducted the first successful experiment with an electrical recording telegraph.

-Quill Pen (Feather Pen): A quill pen is a pen that is made from a goose feather, hawk feather, and other birds feather. The higher the price, the higher the quality of the feather. Goose feather are commonly used by people at the old times to write letters.

- Pigeon Post: Pigeon post is a post that send letters  by using pigeon as the transportation. This post is first used by the Persians, and then was use by the Romans. The pigeons were transported  to a destination in a cage, then, the person who is carrying them with the cages will release the pigeons with the letter attached. Because pigeons has a good natural homing abilities, they would fly back to its home where the owner could read the letter. Pigeons have also been used in military situation.

2. Several Devices of ICT

These are some examples of Devices of ICT in the modern days, these ICT devices are way more easier to use, and have so many functions:

- Cell phone: Cell phone is a communication device that can make and receive phone calls.


- Television: Television is a telecommunication device that receive signals and turn it into moving images. 


- Radio: Radio is a communication device that receives signals from free space called electromagnetic radiation and convert it into channels.


And many more . 

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