Last week, i had my Math assessment, my score is higher than i expected, i got 95% . I got one mistake because i was careless. The material for the test are Prime numbers, Prime Factors, Least Common Factor, Highest Common Factor and Squares & Cubes. Ms.May will give us a re-test at the upcoming Friday. I will try to add the 5% and gain 100% ! :3 


Currently, our math class is learning Algebraic Expressions, and then, our teacher made an activity to test our understanding. The activity is, to make a puzzle with algebraic expressions, and our classmates should answer/solve the puzzle which we have make. Our classmates (including me) should answer the algebraic problems, then, they should match the answer using the words given in the puzzle.

The puzzle should be handmade, and obviously, we need to color and write it by our own. I got the puzzle’s question from the internet, well, i was searching questions that i could use in the internet, and then, i found a website with so many interesting questions. I choose a question that sounds like “ Which word goes before vest, beans, and quartet? “ . And.... i can’t tell you the answer, because maybe my classmates could find out the answer when they’re checking my blog, so solve it your own. 

I also showed some values when doing my puzzle, for example, Independence, i did the puzzle my own, i didn’t ask any help from my friends, or parents. And then, Patience, i didn’t complain or felt desperate when doing the quiz, because i knew that if i lost my patience, i could slow slow down my work. The last value i showed is Responsibility, why responsibility? Well, it’s because i messed up when doing my job. My teacher asked me to make a puzzle with an evaluation way, but i did my puzzle with a simplifying way! So, i re-do my work again, without any hesitation, because i knew that i need to bear the consequences for being so selfish. 

I’ve learned some things while making this puzzle, one of them is that you need to be careful when doing your work/job. Even the little mistake that you have done could mess the whole thing you did. Re-checking is one of way to know to know the mistakes you have done in your work, by re-checking, you could fix the mistakes you have done. 

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  1. Wow! This is definitely worth reading! Good entry! You have explained how the values you have included here are used.


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