Posted by : Unknown Thursday, October 3, 2013

In economic subject, we learned scarcity. It was actually interesting, because the topic was talking about the things that were really happening globally. We learned scarcity that happened in society with different kinds of places. I think that the subject is not hard, and quite easy to understand. Next chapter is about Agents of Economy. Agents of economy is divided into many parts, for example: Family household as the agent of economy, government as the agent of economy, Cooperation as the agent of economy, company as the agent of economy, and society as the agent of economy. This topic is also quite interesting, because agents of economy have different roles, and their roles support each other. People who do economy activities are divided into three: Producer = Person who produces or adds the worth pointof goods or services, Distributor = Person who acts as a connector between producers and consumers, Consumer = Person who uses goods and services.

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