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For me, gymnastics is not really hard. Some moves are hard, but some are quite easy. Maybe the second picture is the easiest move for me, because it doesn't need complicated moves. I'm quite good with Physical Education, and I'll try to improve my weakness in this subject.  XD

Basketball Shooting Table 

 Reflection: As you can see from my table below, i showed some improvements in shooting. For example in week 1, i just made one short distance shoot, in week 2, i made one lay up shoot, and in week 3, i made 2 short distances shoot. Well, i think lay up is quite difficult because i need to jump high and my jumps weren't quite high that time. Short distance shoot is quite easy for me, because i don't really need to jump high to make a shoot. 

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Lay Up
Short Distance

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  1. You displayed good skills and were always enthusiastic in gymnastics.

  2. Basketball: Just a tip for the lay-up: Do each sequence (run - jump - shoot) slowly first and when you master each of them do it faster.


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