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Book Report Fun!
Name:  Raihan                                                                    Date: 11/06/2013

Title: A Death in Oxford                                                                 Author: Richard MacAndrew

Characters: Frank Williams, Kate Miller, Jenkins, Janet Leighton, Barbara Collins, Elizabeth Morgan, Simon Leighton, Chris Leighton.

Problem / Conflict: Janet Leighton, a doctor from the Leighton Clinic, was found dead in the early morning by the police. The police are trying to find clues and evidences, but they are pretty confused because everyone hates her, even his family and workmate, so, anyone can be a killer.....

Did you like the book? : Yes, i love these kinds of book. Mystery, cases, and solving things just get my blood pumping, i love it.

Conclusion:  Frank and his mates found out t the killer, and it was Simon, Janet’s  ex-wife. Simon motive was to get the money that Janet had, and he was very angry when he found out that Janet was going to gave all her money to the HALO (Help Africa Live Organization). He then killed Janet with a knife, and made it seem like it was a burglar. He didn’t break the Chinese Dog statue, because he knew that the statue worth a lot...

Main Events: Frank, a poilce from Oxford, was awaken by a phone call from his mate, Kate. She said that Jane Leighton was dead. Frank was interested with the things in Jane’s house, for example, the Chinese Dog statue, and the mess that was made by the killer. First, they thought that it was a burglar, but, from the evidence and clues they got from relatives such as Barbara, a doctor that was fired from Janet’s clinic, Elizabeth, Janet’s husband lawyer, Simon, Janet’s wife, and Chris, Janet’s sona and the forensic result, they had realize that the killer was someone who argued with Janet a lot, someone close...

 Setting: Barbara Collin’s house, Police Station, Morgan and Freebody Lawyers, Janet Leighton’s House, Simon Leighton’s house, Leighton Clinic, Chris Leighton’s house.


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